What will future users want?

Slides for David Nicholas’ talk  How current and future users will access archives: you might not want to know! nicholas

Slides for Alison Diamond’s talk  Everyone means everyone: using archives with teachers and pupils diamond

Slides for William Merrin’s talk  Archiving Social Media merrin


Government Reviews 1

Slides for Greg Falconer’s talk Better information for better government: the Civil Service response to Sir Alex Allan’s Review of Government Digital Records falconer

Slides for  Bruno Longmore’s talk  The Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011 : an agent for positive and lasting change? longmore


Government Reviews 2

Slides for Julia Jones’ talk  Destroyed or undiscoverable: in the end its all the same thing jones

Slides for Sinead Ring’s talk Historical Child Sexual Abuse Inquiries and the Nation’s Duty to Remember : Reflections from Ireland  ring


Ex Africa Semper Aliquid Nova

Slides for Alistair Tough’s talk  Medical record keeping and health information systems- some reflections based on African experience tough

Slides for Simon Gill’s talk Driving accountability through transparency: the need to make information useable and accessible gill


Do tragedies lead to new ideas about managing records?

Slides for Sarah Tyacke’s talk Learning from Hillsborough tyacke

Slides for Nick Barrett’s talk Memory boxes and dementibarrett


Final session

Delegates discussed two questions: 1) the nature and extent of the archival accountability or democratic deficit gap; and 2) what kinds of actions are needed to address the gap(s). They recorded their discussions on these sheets finalsession