Professor Julie McLeod


Julie was an information and records manager before joining the iSchool at Northumbria University in 1994 as Professor in Records Management. Her research interests focus on electronic records management and research data management. She is currently working on the use of economic models in decision-making for the cloud for records storage as a member of the InterPARES ITrust project team.

She has spoken extensively at conferences as well as having published a large volume of papers.

Julie is editor of the Records Management Journal  and was Dodson Visiting Professor in Archival Studies (2014-15) at the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.


Recent Publications

McLeod, J & Lomas, E. (2015). Records Management. Entry for the Encyclopaedia of Archival Science, L Duranti & P Franks (eds), Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group.

Pickard A, McLeod J & Chowdhury, GG. From professional qualifications to ischool@northumbria: a 65 year journey. IFLA 40th anniversary of the Section on Education and Training. Forthcoming

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